Choose the right garage door to complement home's exterior

Most homeowners believe that adding a new garage door to your home will increase the value of the home and improve its curb appeal.

"Most Houston homeowners have no idea what it takes to buy the right garage doors for their homes. They walk in and buy the most expensive door believing that just because it is the most expensive, it must be the best for them," said Javaid Iqbal, owner and president of Saras Garage Doors in Houston.

Arguing that price alone should never be the determining factor when buying a new garage door, the Houston garage door repair specialist said there is more to it than that.

"I wish it were that simple. You just walk into a garage door wholesale or retail store, find the most expensive name brand, pay for it and you are done. It is not that simple," Iqbal added.

Iqbal said homeowners should consider, among other things, the color, construction and suitability of the doors.

"Color of the door and how it relates to your home's exterior is essential. Garage doors take up the most part of your home's façade so the color has to match and be appropriate to your home's exterior. Otherwise what you will have is an eye sore instead of a beautiful coordinated exterior." He also urged homeowners to consider modern garage door designs like doors with windows and panels.

"They instantly uplift your home's exterior and add value to your property. It is also important not to settle for the cheapest door. If possible, go for doors with double or triple layer construction. They are more expensive but less noisy and more durable because of the way they are designed," Iqbal said.


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