Clean energy subscriptions now available in Philadelphia

Clean energy subscriptions now available in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia residents have access to clean energy and smart home technology through a monthly subscription service.

Consumer technology company Inspire launched its Smart Energy subscription plan in Philadelphia that includes an integrated smart home experience, energy management services and 100 percent clean energy with no upfront costs. Personalized for each member, the Smart Energy plan is designed to improve the efficiency of the home, eliminate environmental impact and automate energy savings.

The average U.S. homeowner burns the energy equivalent of 8,000+ pounds of coal every year. According to the city of Philadelphia's Office of Sustainability, for many residents, energy is the second largest household expense after mortgage or rent. With nearly nine in ten Americans agreeing clean energy is important to the country's future, many want to do the right thing—but often don't know where or how to start. Inspire was founded on the idea that if you give people an easier, more rewarding way to choose clean energy, they will, said Patrick Maloney, founder and CEO of Inspire.

"Our Smart Energy subscriptions combine the power of clean energy with in-home smart technologies, enabling us to reward Philadelphians for the energy they don't have to use," Maloney said. "The more energy efficient Inspire homes are, the more our members save, and the better the world does—creating a triple bottom line. It's the first economic model in energy where the incentives of the consumer, company, and planet are perfectly aligned."

Philadelphia is doubling down on its clean energy efforts, recently committing to 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2035, as part of the Mayors for 100 percent Clean Energy initiative. Many Philadelphians across the city have already switched to Inspire. Last year alone, these members prevented the equivalent of more than 150 million pounds of coal from being burned.

"Inspire's Smart Energy subscriptions make it even easier for all Philadelphians to adopt clean energy, use less of it, and contribute to the city's goal," Maloney said.

Every Smart Energy plan provides Philadelphians with the following benefits:

No Surprises. One stable monthly subscription price for 100% clean energy that is personalized for each member.

Increased Home Performance. Ability to adopt smart technologies such as climate, lighting, sensors, and voice control at no upfront cost that will instantly help erase the home's carbon footprint.

Seamless Mobile Experience. The Inspire app, available on iOS and Android, allows members to control their homes from anywhere, unlock in-app rewards, and gain intelligent insights into their home's performance.

Automatic Rewards. Automated energy savings designed to pay members back as their homes use the cleanest form of energy — the energy they don't have to use.

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