Cloud-Based Reports Reveal Product Transparency Information

Cloud software and services company Sustainable Minds has introduced the SM Performance Fact Sheet with North America’s largest roofing manufacturer and a product transparency leader, GAF.

The SM Performance Fact Sheet is the latest in Sustainable Minds’ suite of Transparency Products. This strategic marketing and lead-generation tool allows building product manufacturers to help the design and construction community make safer and healthier purchase decisions. 

AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) professionals are currently going to manufacturers’ websites to find products with environmental and material health disclosures. While these products can be used to earn credits in green building rating systems, AEC professionals typically face two challenges.

First, the design of today’s websites makes it difficult to find these products. Second, the disclosures are difficult to understand and use to make informed specification and purchase decisions. The SM Performance Fact Sheet addresses these challenges by combining product information and disclosure information all in one location. It was created expressly for manufacturers who have been transparency early adopters and have created many disclosures.

It also provides explanation and sustainability improvement efforts that disclosures don’t report, in an understandable and meaningful way for non-technical readers.

“We really see the value in making our products with transparency information easy to find, but also in making the disclosure information understandable,” said Martin Grohman, director of sustainability for GAF. “The SM Performance Fact Sheet solves the problem of combining our technical information with all our transparency information in one location.”

Since the announcement of LEED v4, Sustainable Minds has been a proponent and driving force behind making product transparency information simple, understandable, and meaningful. With LEED v4 now in force, us, making products with transparency information findable is critical for AEC professionals to specify enough products to satisfy the credit requirements.

The SM Performance Fact Sheet enhances the ability of GAF to make its product transparency information readily available to the design and construction community, and helps GAF to tell its continuous improvement stories. 

Terry Swack, founder and CEO of Sustainable Minds, said, “The market is becoming more educated and is transitioning from just ‘checking a box’ to select products with transparency disclosures, to wanting to understand what the information means with the confidence that the manufacturer does too."

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Companies: GAF Materials Corporation

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