Crack the Code of Energy Efficient Lighting

Americans use 10% less energy than they did 10 years ago, yet many Americans still haven’t made the switch to energy efficient electronics.

While regular light bulbs are a big source of energy consumption, LED lights can provide the perfect opportunity to reduce costs and save energy. Affordable “smart” LEDs are even better, providing those benefits plus little extras that make living easier and more fun.

Lighting is complicated. From Lumens to Watts to kelvins, it’s often challenging to confidently choose the ideal bulb for your home. Now, in the era of “smart,” things seem to get even more complicated - so much so that consumers sometimes avoid adoption all together and miss the many benefits LEDs have to offer. The following infographic highlights the differences between CFL bulbs and (smart) LED bulbs, from length of life to dimmer compatibility. The smart LED highlighted is Sengled’s Element Plus

Topics: Appliances, Connected Homes / Smart Homes, Cost of Ownership, Energy Star, Lighting

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