Delta Products Introduces New Delta Breez Ventilation Fans

Virtually silent ENERGY STAR rated fans offer energy-efficient options for comfort and improved home ventilation.

Delta introduced new models in bathroom ventilation from its Delta Breez brand at the 2017 International Builders' Show. Known for its long lifespans, energy efficiency, quiet operation and rich features, Delta Breez has an affordable exhaust solution for any bathroom environment. With the expansions of its BreezSignature, BreezIntegrity, and BreezRadiance series, contractors, suppliers and homeowners alike now have even more options to choose from. 

All Delta Breez fans feature DC brushless motor technology that last 2 ½ times longer and consumes over 70 percent less energy than conventional AC motors, resulting in lower energy costs. In alignment with Delta's mission to create a more sustainable tomorrow, all its ventilation products maintain perfectly quiet and green operation throughout their lifetimes. With its newest fans, Delta Breez has also committed to LED technology over CFL lamps,for energy-efficient lighting across all products lines.

BreezSignature Series: Functionality at Your Fingertips

The BreezSignature series is Delta's premier line of bathroom fans, featuring virtually silent operation at <0.3 sones.  With all eight new models rated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2017, the BreezSignature series provides outstanding performance with a high level of functionality and choice.

These newest products feature a choice of 80 CFM or 110 CFM for high speed, offering customers a two-in-one value and a truly customizable solution for their ventilation needs. Dual speed fans provide built-in controls for low speed continuous operation at 0, 30, 50, 60, and 80 CFM, and allow users to choose from delay times preset positions of 0.5, 5, 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.

Options include single and dual speed fans; built-in motion and/or humidity sensing; built-in dimmable LED lighting allowing customers to create the perfect ambiance for their bathroom.

Delta Breez is the very first to market with a feature-rich fan with built-in dimmable LED light and motion sensor, whereby users can choose whether the motion sensor activates the fan, light, or both fan and light, depending on their needs.

What's more, as functionality is built directly into the new models, these operations can be done without any additional purchases or installation.

These new releases come with a 6" metal duct and are shipped with a 6"-4" reducer for increased flexibility and conformity with various installation requirements.

BreezIntegrity Series: The Right Choice for Retrofits and Remodels

Delta has expanded its BreezIntegrity series to include a built-in humidity sensor for hands-off control or dimmable LED lighting, with optional Bluetooth speaker. The BreezIntegrity touts an extremely small housing size to ease troublesome retrofits. Designed for new construction or remodels for contractors and consumers alike.

Delta is the first to market with fan with dimmable LED lighting in a small, compact housing size of 7-1/2" X 7-1/4" to make standard replacements simpler, quicker, and more affordable.

These new fans feature a choice of 50 CFM, 70 CFM, or 80 CFM for high speed, delivering customers a customizable solution for any size ventilation need.

Because the fans come ready-to-install with all features, this eases the installation process for both professionals and novices. All models within this series are ENERGY STAR qualified.

BreezRadiance Series: Heating Up the Competition

Introducing the next generation of BreezRadiance fans, this three-fan series delivers safe and effective warmth to delight homeowners. The BreezRadiance fans ensure long-lasting and quiet operation with the use of brushless DC motor technology in every fan.

Delta is the first to market combining a quiet fan and heater, with optional dimmable LED light using a brushless DC motor in every fan, available in 80 and 110 CFM's.

"We are excited to debut our newest product offerings to our already robust line-up of bathroom exhaust solutions at IBS," said Rita Carbone-Lawson, national sales manager for Breez Ventilation Products. "These new additions further reinforce our commitment to designing energy efficient ventilation fans that meet the diverse needs of contractors and consumers alike. Delta Breez is the only brand integrating top-of-the-line DC motor technology and LED lighting into all its ventilation products, ensuring users receive the greatest value possible from their investment for years to come."

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