Digital sensor controls for ventilation fans boost indoor air quality

Many homes would benefit from ventilation in humid or damp areas of the home, but it’s not energy efficient to leave a fan running all day long. A humidity sensor can monitor humidity levels and activate the ventilation fan when it’s needed.

Leviton introduced a new Humidity Sensor and Fan Control that features digital sensing technology to control ventilation in humid or damp areas in the home. The sensor is designed to detect excess humidity and automatically activate the ventilation fan to help reduce the level of condensation.

Contemporary in design, the device features easily adjustable settings for sensor sensitivity, humidity level and automatic time out, which can be set to meet the specific ventilation needs of the room. As an added benefit, regular use of the Humidity Sensor and Fan Control helps reduce energy usage by automatically operating the fan only when needed, reducing continuous or unnecessary use.

"By detecting excess humidity levels and automatically activating a ventilation fan to control excess condensation, the Humidity Sensor and Fan Control provides a more comfortable environment in areas of the home prone to high humidity and dampness," said Michael Neary, product manager, Leviton Residential Lighting Controls. "As an added convenience, the device can also be manually controlled to address any immediate ventilation needs."

The Humidity Sensor and Fan Control controls ventilation in areas of the home prone to condensation and mildew such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms and home spas. The device is single pole for control of a ventilation fan or fan/light combination. It is compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL and fluorescent lighting loads and may be used with ventilation fans up to 1/6 HP. The Humidity Sensor and Fan Control meets CALGREEN and CA Title 24 requirements.

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