Do You Know the Secrets Behind Fiber Cement Siding?

Do You Know the Secrets Behind Fiber Cement Siding?

If you are picturing globs of cement stuck to the side of your home, we can’t blame you. The name can be deceiving! Fiber cement siding is nothing more than a building material made of cellulous fibers, coated with sand and cement.

 Fiber cement siding can look like wood, shingles, or clapboard. For those who would like the looks of cedar wood shingles, but wouldn’t dream of actually doing it because of the splitting, cracking, and maintenance they require, could use fiber cement siding and get the exact same look.

Top 3 Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

1. Super Affordable

  Compared to stone, cedar, hardboard siding, or wood siding, fiber cement siding is far less expensive when it comes to installation costs.

2. Tolerance and Stability

  Fiber cement siding has a class-A fire rating. This versatile siding does not easy warp, fade, or lose its texture, even in the extreme heat of summer or the cold depths of winter.

3. Great Warranty Benefits

  Depending on the color and your location, fiber cement siding can go without paint or maintenance for 7 to 15 years! That is a huge savings, both in time and money that you can count on!

  You will find most contractors will take less time to install fiber cement siding than other types of hardwood or cedar wood shingles. Chances are that you can get the color and texture you want for less than you imagined. Who is interested in a beautiful new look for their home for less? Why, everyone! 


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