DOE Reports Updates To Home Energy Score

The U.S. Department of Energy has unveiled updates to the Home Energy Score report website to give homeowners and buildings professionals more information.

From the Home Energy Score homepage, users can link to popular pages like Home Energy Score NewsHow to Become a Partner, and How to Become an Assessor. Visitors can use the new navigation bar to quickly jump from one page to another, and each page has enhanced images and graphics.

In a recent blog post, Joan Glickman, senior advisor & program manager, Home Energy Score Program, Building Technologies Office, reviewed some of the changes and the benefits for users.

We’re proud to unveil the new Home Energy Score report and website – as well as a wealth of new materials designed to meet the needs of our partners, stakeholders, and homeowners across the country. Based on feedback from partners as well as lessons drawn from studies, the new site and accompanying information highlight the value of energy ratings to specific key audiences, including contractors, home inspectors, utilities, state and local governments, and real estate agents to name a few.

Visitors can use the new navigation bar to quickly jump from one page to another, and each page has enhanced images and graphics.  Since our website is an opportunity to communicate with homeowners directly, we’ve expanded resources for consumers and will continue to develop this area to drive demand.

The report design has been updated with new colors and a new format that quickly draws the eye to the most important information. The new design is "semi-customizable," which means that Partners now have some flexibility to customize the Home Energy Score report. Once logged in to the Partner Portal, Partners can choose from three design options and pick which data points to display on the report. Partners know from experience what motivates and informs decisions in their local market, so they now have flexibility to capitalize on that knowledge. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the Home Energy Score!

Websites and outreach materials are works in progress and there’s always room for improvement. So please let us know what you think of the new site. We also welcome your ideas for other resources that would be useful to feature. You can use the contact form on the new site or email [email protected]. Interested Partners should also reach out to [email protected] for more information on customizable label options. 

New to the Score?

The Home Energy Score is a miles-per-gallon rating for homes. Every homeowner and homebuyer that gets one receives an energy efficiency rating on a 1-to-10 scale, and recommendations for improvements. The report is generated by an Assessor that collects information about the home during a walkthrough. Assessors work under Partner organizations that collaborate directly with the Department of Energy to maintain the integrity and quality of the program.

Read more about Home Energy Audits.


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