Easy-to-Mix Spray Foam Requires No Ignition Barrier

Easy-to-Mix Spray Foam Requires No Ignition Barrier

A new spray polyurethane foam formula is best suited for installation in attics and crawl spaces and requires no ignition barrier.

Lapolla Industries, Inc. launched the its new FOAM-LOK FLX 500-EM Spray Polyurethane Foam for Insulation. The next generation “Easy-to-Mix” open-cell spray applied foam produces ultra high yield and is recognized for its ability to reduce energy consumption in the structure and enhance energy savings.

“FOAM-LOK FLX 500-EM is a low density, ultra high yield insulation material that provides exceptional value both to contractors and the customers they serve,” said Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Lapolla Industries. “Not only does the product reduce installation costs, but it also improves indoor comfort and provides homeowners up to 45 percent savings on their energy bills over the life of the home.”

FOAM-LOK FLX 500-EM Spray Foam may be applied in one step, Kramer noted. He said the product meets stringent AC377 Appendix X requirements and eliminates a contractor’s need to return to the site to apply an ignition barrier.

“It was important to us that this product meet true fire safety criteria established by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) to provide true peace-of-mind to all contractors and customers,” added Kramer.

The insulation material reduces moisture penetration, while increasing thermal performance in the structure. The eco-friendly properties of the product help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint.

Contractors using the product enjoy a one-step, one-product solution for insulation. FOAM-LOK FLX 500-EM cuts installation time and reduces production cost, saving on materials and equipment, as well as reducing labor requirements. All savings result in improved project profitability to contractors, who are then able to pass cost savings down to their homeowner customers.

“FOAM-LOK FLX 500-EM is a win-win for contractors and homeowners,” said Kramer. “Lapolla is proud to add this high performance insulation to our energy conserving building materials product line.”

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