Exploring the environmental benefits of home automation

Exploring the environmental benefits of home automation

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The many technological conveniences of the modern home put a variety of options at our fingertips. However, they can also use a great deal of energy. Forgetting to turn off the mechanical systems, lights and small appliances in your home contributes to wasted energy, and the small lights and displays on electronics - known as phantom energy - contribute to waste as well. Technology manufacturers are addressing these issues by providing new home automation products that reduce the consumption of excess energy.

Home Automation Technology

Automated technology can learn your preferences or be programmed to manage the functions of your home. With smart devices that allow you to issue voice requests or adjust settings from a remote location, you can save time and money while maintaining an eco-friendly home. A central management system or hub such as Amazon’s Echo can be an invaluable addition to control a variety of elements in the smart home.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature based on your daily routine, but the most sophisticated technology includes learning thermostats that self-program to meet your needs. The thermostat learns quickly about your preferences, uses occupancy sensors and operates heating and cooling patterns based on the feedback you provide. With the ability to learn day-to-day schedule flexibility, the smart thermostat is a partner in making your home comfortable with energy-efficient finesse.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls that dim or turn off lighting can save a great deal of energy in the home. Occupancy or motion sensors can turn lights on when a room is in use, and they will turn lights off when the room is empty. Occupancy and motion sensor technology are also ideal for turning off small appliances when they are not being used. Even in the absence of smart technology, energy usage for lighting can easily be improved by using energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

Security Systems

Many different security systems can also be programmed automatically or be controlled via smartphone to keep your home secure. In addition to the ability to turn on lights, you can control locks, observe camera feeds and monitor the security of your home from a distance. More information about these features are fully explained on each individual system’s website so make sure you do your research to find the system that works best for your home. When you are home, this sophisticated technology will let you know immediately if anything is amiss via the smartphone or hub interface.

Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips can be programmed based on your usage patterns, and they can also be automated through the use of occupancy sensors. Using power at times when it is convenient for you or avoiding peak usage periods becomes simple. Many items that are plugged into power strips use phantom energy, and reducing this power use can result in energy savings. Even in the absence of a smart power strip, you can plug entertainment devices into one power strip that is only turned on when needed or placed on an electrical outlet timer.

Garden Irrigation and Lighting

A central control for the garden - such as the GreenIQ Smart Hub - is activated through a Wi-Fi system to operate sprinklers and outdoor lighting; it can also monitor the weather and respond to the changing weather conditions. Saving water and energy is easy with the use of technology to control these systems, and solar power is also an earth-friendly choice for garden lighting.

Home automation and the use of smart technology also offers the benefit of tracking your energy savings, so you can realize the money savings that an energy-efficient home provides. With a variety of innovative tools to help you automate your home, you’ll enjoy convenience and cost savings while also reducing your footprint on the earth.


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