Find the Right Water Filter to Remove Lead from Your Water (Video)

Find the Right Water Filter to Remove Lead from Your Water (Video)

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Cities across the country are dealing with levels of lead in the water in some homes. Some of it is due to lead plumbing in older homes, some is due to water contamination. It can be hard for consumers to know how to make their water safer.

Channel 6 News in Milwaukee talked to some local experts about the risk of lead in the water supply.

The main risk lies with homes built before 1951, when plumbing safety standards changed. There are several ways you can ensure the water is safe to drink or cook with, such as letting the water run for three minutes before you use it.

But the best way is to use a filter designed to remove lead.

This Channel 6 video provides some tips on how to pick the right filter to get the lead out of the water in your home.

Experts recommend using a filter that is certified by the NSF under Standard 53. These filters are available in pitchers, faucet mounted filters, under sink versions, etc. and can be found with local plumbing supply houses, big box stores and online. The key is to look for NSF Standard 53, which is certified to remove lead as well as other materials.

Read more about home water filtration systems.


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