Florida city adds public electric vehicle charging station

The City of Coconut Creek, Fla., has added EV charging services in the parking lot of the city's new Public Works Administration building.

The picturesque City of Coconut Creek is nestled between Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida and it's widely recognized as a well-planned community with a unique environmental consciousness. The City of Coconut Creek has made a commitment to greening the City and supporting sustainable transportation through various initiatives including the electric car charging stations.

The city partnered with CarCharging Group Inc. to offer the EV charging service.

"As electric cars become more prevalent, it is our mission to support EV drivers with convenient locations to recharge their cars," said Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging.  "We are grateful for municipalities like the City of Coconut Creek that understand the need for EV charging services and are interested in improving the quality of life for their citizens."

"To ensure that the City of Coconut Creek remains a green leader in South Florida while preserving the environment for future generations, we have implemented various innovative and progressive solutions for greening the City," said Becky Tooley, Mayor of City of Coconut Creek. "We believe that by offering public EV charging services, the City is sending a clear message supporting sustainable transportation."

The EV charging services for the City is provided by a Level II EV charging station, which provides 240 volts with 32 amps of power to quickly recharge an electric vehicle's battery. To initiate use and payment at this location, EV drivers can easily request CarCharging's evCharge card online, and attach the small card to their keychain. CarCharging's evCharge card also allows drivers to use charging locations on the ChargePoint Network. CarCharging's EV charging stations also accept direct payment via credit card.

CarCharging provides a comprehensive turnkey program to commercial and residential property owners for EV charging services. CarCharging owns and operates the EV charging equipment; manages the installation, maintenance, and related services; and shares the EV charging revenue with the property owner. Thereby, eliminating most capital costs for the property owners, and providing a potential additional revenue stream.

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