Geothermal heat pumps gaining ground on efficiency

Geothermal heat pumps gaining ground on efficiency

Brian Urlaub, Commercial Sales Manager for Enertech Global LLC at Greenbuild Expo 2015.

Homeowners and builders looking for ways to cut energy use can simply look down for an answer. Geothermal heating and cooling – which uses the energy of the earth rather than fossil fuels.

Geothermal heating works because the earth absorbs about 48 percent of the sun’s energy, leaving a fairly constant underground temperature. Geothermal technology uses this stable temperature to transfer heat to and from the earth, instead of using the air in the more common air-source heat pump systems.

At the 2015 Greenbuild Expo, Brian Urlaub, commercial sales manager forEnertech Global, discussed some of the latest developments in geothermal technology.

One of the Enertech brands, GeoComfort, launched the new YT series model that incorporates a two-stage compressor for added efficiency.

With two stages, the compressor can run at a lower level when necessary, reducing energy consumption.

"The YT model has the highest efficiency in its class and we've done a good job in redesigning the compressor mounting system to make it the quietest product on the market, which is very important because the compressor sits inside the home," Urlaub said. "The new technology has taken 50 percent of the noise out of the product so it's extremely quiet."

In addition, the available desuperheater captures waste heat during operation and transfers it into the domestic hot water supply, providing free hot water and enhancing the operation of the unit.

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