Glass blocks offer energy-efficient alternatives for window replacements

Glass blocks offer energy-efficient alternatives for window replacements

When it comes to paying utility bills, many consumers may not know that their home’s windows are costing them money.

In fact, consumers may actually be losing money by not replacing windows with more energy-efficient solutions.

“Saving money is one of the driving forces behind replacing windows,” said Mary Lynn Bruce, marketing manager for Pittsburgh Corning. “Energy-efficient windows provide many benefits–they provide light and ensure consistent temperatures reducing your heating and cooling bills. They also improve indoor air quality which is good for both the environment and your budget.”

According to Energy Star, homeowners save between $146-$501 per year when they replace single-pane windows. When replacing double-pane clear glass windows, homeowner save between $71-$247 per year.

Light Wise Low-Eenergy-efficient glass block vinyl windows from Pittsburgh Corning meet Energy Star requirements across the United States, keeping the house’s interior comfortable by protecting against the cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution and noise.

The Light Wise Low-E energy efficient glass block vinyl windows allow desired light into the living area while still affording homeowners the level of privacy they desire. Also, the energy efficient windows require virtually no maintenance or window treatments and come in a variety of patterns.

“Windows are important elements in your home. They let in light while protecting your home from Mother Nature," Bruce said. "With energy efficient glass block vinyl windows, you don’t have to sacrifice design and beauty for energy efficiency.”

By installing Energy Star qualified windows, homeowners can save 7-15 percent on their energy bills compared to non-qualified products.

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