Guess how this new plank flooring combines beauty and strength

Guess how this new plank flooring combines beauty and strength

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People love the look of real wood plank floors, but upkeep can be a headache. Scratches from chairs or pet claws can leave lasting marks. Water spots are a real hazard too, Now a new hybrid plank product offers the look of wood but solves all those maintenance headaches.

Cali Bamboo has launched GeoWood, an engineered hardwood combining real timber layered over GeoCore -- Cali's stabilizing limestone composite foundation. This technological breakthrough yields rock solid hardwood flooring with exceptional water resistance and comes at a lower price point than solid wood planks.

Four bamboo styles are now available for purchase, and additional hardwood varieties including hickory, oak, maple, and walnut will be released in Summer 2018.

Real Hardwood for Real Life: Perfect for new homeowners or those looking to redesign on a budget, Cali GeoWood puts real hardwood floors within reach. Its easy DIY installation and upkeep save additional money throughout the entire life of the floor. The beauty layer atop each plank is up to 1.2mm thick and features sustainably farmed bamboo and lumber from Lacey Act Compliant managed forests. All flooring is Ultra Low VOC with no added Urea Formaldehyde and employs adhesives that fall well below E0 emissions standards.

The Secret is GeoCore: Like the foundation of a building, a floor is only as strong as its core. This proprietary limestone composite fortifies each GeoWood plank and resists indentation from high heels, pet claws, and furniture. Its composition translates to 50 percent better dimensional stability, meaning less expansion and contraction, and as little as 24 hours of acclimation required before laying down planks.

The Water-Safe Wood Floor: AquaDefy technology ensures diehard moisture protection, making GeoWood perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and below-grade spaces like basements. Superior water resistance also makes planks more resilient and easier to clean.

Made to Withstand it All: Shielded by a 10-coat scratch resistant finish, GeoWood planks are ideal for spaces with heavy traffic, large dogs, and all the wear and tear of everyday life. Flooring is backed by a 50-year residential warranty and a 15-year light commercial warranty -- double the industry standard.

The Easiest DIY Hardwood Installation: Lightweight, easy-to-cut planks with a precise click-lock milling system make GeoWood installations close to effortless. Flooring can be floated or glued down over any type of even subfloor and pairs perfectly with an underlayment. Better dimensional stability also means acclimation can be cut down to just 1-2 days, so projects start and end faster.

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