High-performance window installation is the key to this Passive House (Video)

High-performance window installation is the key to this Passive House (Video)

Installation of the high performance windows will make all the difference in the ultimate efficiency of the The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House, built near Portland by Hammer & Hand.

The home uses Zola Windows, based in Boulder, Col., that were designed specifically to meet the requirements of Passive House construction. The windows are built to order in Europe and shipped direct to the building site.

“In our climate we generally rely on triple-pane Passive House windows with insulated frames and super high performance gaskets,” said Certified Passive House Consultant Skylar Swinford. "The overall performance of the windows is more than two times better than a typical energy-efficient window."

When constructing a high performance building such as a Passive House, moisture management, air tightness, installed thermal performance, and air management are mission critical. Windows can easily become the weak link, so proper window installation becomes the most critical component of the structure’s construction.

Watch the video with Zola Windows founder Florian Speier discussing the important of proper prep for window installation.

Builder Hammer & Hand has launched a video seriesbased on The Pumpkin House construction, highlighting not only how to connect the window to the structure but also how to properly flash the rough opening, air seal, and over-insulate the frames. The entire series can be viewed on Hammer & Hand's high performance building video page.

"When addressing high performance windows, the most important real world application is how they are installed," said Skylar. "It really comes down to the details. There's no point spending all of the money on high-performance windows to then have air leaks due to poor installation."

The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House harnesses the simplicity of Passive House design to deliver superb comfort and efficiency at minimal additional cost. The Pumpkin Ridge Passive House will be no more expensive on a monthly basis than a conventional custom home, when monthly energy costs are considered alongside mortgage, taxes and insurance. Yet the high performance home will consume 90 percent less heating energy and offer exceptional comfort and indoor air quality.

The project, designed by Scott Edwards Architecture and built by Hammer & Hand, is one of six homes in the Pacific Northwest to be featured by Northwest ENERGY STAR® as a demonstration super-efficient home.

Read more about energy-efficient windows and doors.

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