High rise apartments use ductless HVAC for efficient living

High rise apartments use ductless HVAC for efficient living

Builders of a twin-tower high rise apartment complex were searching for the most efficient, yet comfortable heating and cooling system for their residents.

When the developer, J.H. Snyder, one of the nation’s leading full service real estate and building developers, took on The Vermont project, a twin tower apartment complex in Los Angeles, they knew they had to make the new building energy efficient but still provide their tenants with the best possible living experience. After putting out a call for proposals, the build was awarded to The Limbach Company for choosing a system with VRF technology to fulfill their HVAC needs.

The Vermont’s two towers are 30 and 24 stories, respectively, and will house 464 units in 1-and 2-bedroom layouts. Located in downtown Los Angeles in historic Korea Town, The Vermont concept is to offer iconic views and be a high-end destination for living, shopping and dining.

As the ground floor houses restaurants, markets, banking, and other retail sites, and the residential spaces that begin on the seventh floor, the builders knew the towers would need the right combination of technology and equipment to reach the highest efficiency and comfort for this mixed-use space.

The Limbach Company realized that by switching out the originally scoped Water Source Heat Pumps with an LG Multi V VRF system, they would be able to install the system with higher energy efficiency for about the same cost as the original plan.

This decision was a no- brainer because the LG Multi V III features higher energy efficiency, longer piping capabilities, lower operational costs, minimal to no duct work, tenant comfort with individual zoning, and efficiency superior to other technologies while maintaining architectural integrity with zoned comfort.

“This is the first high rise VRF project in Southern California, and we’re excited to continue working with high-rise developers,” said Scott Gilchrist, the LG representative on the project. “We’re even set to work with the contractor on submitting LG’s heat recovery system for LEED Certification.”

The VRF system will also add to the overall comfort of the building providing optimal cooling and heating throughout the two towers. Additionally, the system itself is quieter, adding to The Vermont’s high-end feel making the Multi V the perfect choice for the build. LG Electronics was so impressed with the unique strategy to make the installation work that The Vermont was awarded the Multi V Job of the Year Award in recognition for the most innovative new construction with a Multi V product. The Vermont recently received its TCO in May of 2014 and expects to have full Certificate of Occupancy in July of 2014.

“Our customer was focused on a cost-effective building addressing both construction and sustainability needs, but also needed to achieve LEED Gold,” Armando Estrada, contract manager and project executive for The Limbach Company, said. "We proposed an LG VRF system for their high-rise configuration. After running preliminary calculations and confirming building requirements, we found it was a viable system due to its equipment sizing and overall cost-savings in the buildings: mechanical, electrical, structural, and plumbing trades. The result is that we now have the first high-rise building in California utilizing VRF technology delivered on budget and on time.”

VRF systems have a much greater piping capability than traditional Direct Expansion style systems. Therefore, the longer line lengths of the Multi V III allowed the piping to run up more than 30 stories, ideal for the two towers that make up The Vermont. The Multi V III’s flexible design helped result in a layout that effectively met Title 24 – California’s Building Energy Efficiency standards – and ASHRAE requirements for refrigerant volume and the contractor’s goals for the building.

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