Home, with some range—extending an energy-efficient hand to builders

Home, with some range—extending an energy-efficient hand to builders

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By Katrina Nelson

Not even a full week after their appearance and input at the San Bernardino County Water Convention, family-owned, Costa Mesa-based company ACT, Inc. DMAND Kontrols Systems® changed direction and flew into the mid-west hospitality of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

 Acker mid-presentation, using his hands between the diagrams and statistics to illustrate the advantages of building with advanced conservation technology.

During the weekend of August 26th and 27th,CEO Larry Acker spent his time at the ‘OK Building Summit and Expo’ sharing his knowledge with builders, superintendents, prime subcontractors, and top decision-makers of building organizations who were united in their mutual mission of “Building Smarter, Building Better.”

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Keen on staying atop of construction trends and maintaining networking connections, the mission of the convention was to show builders the most powerful (and unexpected) tool to be emerging into the industry: Energy Efficiency.

Besides the “trending” appeal of sustainability, ACT, Inc. moved to illuminate the least obvious incentive for turning the plumbing pipes green:it’s an easy way to add value to the home.Think about it— the act of home-buying is one where convenience almost supremely rules as final decision-maker. A prospective buyer is more inclined to purchase a home that receives hot water in seconds over home that takes over a minute to receive hot water, simply put.

ACT D’MAND KONTROLS System® went to Oklahoma with the intention of showing builders how a small, affordable alteration in plumbing can enhance their property beyond the (allegedly excessive) expenses. The voyage was made to teach developers how spending time to understand this environmentally-conscious feature actually saves money across the map—or rather, the blueprints.

Impressively, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Co’s contributed more than just high numbers of attendance—they were the proud sponsors of the event. And it’s even great news for state of Oklahoma that several thousand professionals were exposed to the latest in sustainable development this past weekend; it means thousands were encouraged to see how reasonable and applicable new, efficient home technology truly is.

 ACT’s additional contribution to the cause came in the form of Acker’s lecture “How to Structure Your Plumbing with Energy and Water Efficiency Products that Meet Codes and Compliances”, elaborating how an on-demand system works as a solution to excessive water and waste. He explained that the technology behind the installation of an electronic pump allows the cold water in the hot water pipe to circulate back to the water heater by reversing the flow of the cold water line for a few seconds, where the hot water flowing from the water heater then stops prior to a water fixture and is not allowed to enter into the cold water line. His main point (that getting hot water to homeowners faster satisfies both moral codes and building codes) cleared up some of the long-time misunderstanding between sustainability and home construction. Sharing the fact that each home enhanced with this water-saving plumbing system saves 2-3,000 Kilowatt hours per year…yeah, that didn’t hurt, either.

A diagram that explores in more detail how easy it is to install Structured Plumbing into a new home. 

They say you can’t teach old dog new tricks, yet Oklahoma Building Summit and Expo knows this doesn’t apply to the building industry. With D’MAND Kontrols System fueling a portion of the fire, the event taught both new and old Oklahoma builders alike how ‘green’ convenience is the golden tool for reaching maximum value.

Katrina Nelson is Executive Promo Editor with ACT Inc. D'MAND KONTROLS® Systems.

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