Indiana to update energy efficiency, safety rules for new homes

Indiana to update energy efficiency, safety rules for new homes

Part of the proposed code updates include increased insulation.

Indiana is considering an update to the state’s building code that could lead to construction projects in the state becoming greener.

The Hoosier State hasn’t updated its rules on energy efficiency and safety measures in several years, reports radio station WBOI.

The Indiana Residential Code Committee is set to review parts of the code that deal with energy efficiency at a meeting on July 18 in Indianapolis. Proposed updates include increased insulation, air leak testing and the use of an energy rating index in new homes.

Environmentalists hope a proposed change will reverse Indiana’s poor standing when it comes to energy efficient homes and businesses. It ranked 40th on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy’s scorecard last year.

The Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club hopes proposed updates to the Residential Code will reduce pollution and save people money, according to WBOI. 



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