Infographic: Sustainable building from bottom up

| by Steve Arel

Developing a sustainable building demands a holistic approach.

While newer buildings tend to perform better from an energy standpoint, due to building code advancements, it’s not always a guarantee. Planning is pivotal and literally must take place from the ground up to minimize energy costs, improve occupants’ health and increase structural longevity.

High-performance building “is the future,” said Bob Fincher, board member for the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance. “You’ve got a younger demographic that is coming into the marketplace that expects some type of sustainability in their home (or building) and will appreciate if that can be done practically and cost-effectively in concert with a builder that they believe shares their values.”

The infographic below, produced by repair firm Fix, looks at a host of sustainable products that provide options for home and building owners when considering new construction or a retrofit.



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