Infographic: Water Conservation in the Home

Infographic: Water Conservation in the Home

With more than 70% of the Earth made up of water, you could be forgiven for thinking that there is plenty of the substance to go around. However, only a very small portion of the Earth’s water is fit for human consumption, so we need to be very careful and calculated in our use of water domestically.

This infographic from Nature’s Water examines how we use water in our homes and how we can be more sensible about our water usage. Showering is an everyday necessity, but we don’t need to spend 10 minutes on it each morning. Keeping to three-minute showers with a low-flow dispenser will drastically reduce the amount of water we use while still providing a sufficiently hygienic wash.

Also, think about the last time you used your washing machine or dishwasher. Was the appliance full to the brim or barely half-full? If it’s the latter, you wasted a lot of good water in leaving so much empty space. If you can at all, wait until such appliances are nearly full before turning them on so that the water expended will be put to good use.

Even small actions such as filling the sink with water for brushing our teeth or shaving, instead of leaving the faucet constantly flowing, can make a notable difference. Hundreds of gallons of water go to waste in our homes each year, which is a sin when you think that millions of people around the world have zero access to clean water. By changing our water consumption habits, at least we’re doing something to try and redress the imbalance. Find out more about domestic water conservation in the infographic below.

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