Kitchen cabinet manufacturers launch environmental stewardship program

To promote sustainable environmental practices, the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) has launched a program to recognize dealers and retailers who sell cabinets certified by the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).

Through a new Authorized ESP Dealer recognition program, retailers and dealers who sell ESP-certified cabinets are able to utilize a new, distinctive and proprietary logo in their advertising and promotional efforts. The new logo will help increase awareness of the ESP program and its environmental benefits, as well as facilitate brand recognition among customers.

KCMA logo"The Authorized ESP Dealer program responds to growing consumer interest in products that are proven to be environmentally sound, and hopes to make it easier for consumers to find such products," said Richard Titus, executive vice president, KCMA. "The KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) is proud to provide cabinet manufacturers with an innovative platform that demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and sound environmental practices. ESP is audited each year by an accredited outside auditing firm in order to affirm its authenticity."

ESP is the first and only U.S. program to require that ALL composite wood products used in cabinets comply with existing stringent California formaldehyde emission regulations, which are the lowest in the world. The program goes beyond other, more publicized environmental programs, by taking a holistic approach to "green" cabinet certification, ensuring industry compliance with the highest standards by requiring third-party verification for most of its criteria.

While ESP certified companies’ practices are validated through annual review, business’ are encouraged to track their achievements and constantly pursue new methods to improve environmental performance.

ESP awards points to companies that use wood certified from sustainably managed forests, have active recycling and energy conservation programs, generate alternative energy sources, encourage their suppliers to protect the environment, and support their local communities.  Along with meeting these requirements, those certified must agree to report to KCMA within 60 days receipt of any significant local, state or federal environmental related citation, which could result in termination from the program. For more information on the criteria for ESP certification go to

ESP certified cabinets can be identified by the unique ESP seal, located on the sink base cabinet of all certified brands. To obtain a complete list of ESP certified manufacturers and suppliers, visit

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