Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Holiday Visitors

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Holiday Visitors

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With the holidays nearly here, many homeowners are bound to be seeing additional traffic as family and friends arrive to share some quality time.

"It always happens," says Darrin Gilmore, general manager of Sacramento-based Gilmore Heating, Air, Solar.

"The holiday season starts and your home needs attention before family and friends arrive. We can help with those leaky faucets, faulty switches and dirty air, and even add some outdoor lighting to make sure your home is safe, comfortable and secure."

  • Dripping faucets, running toilets and slow-running drains. These are all nuisances that only become worse when usage increases. They are usually easy fixes but could turn into major repairs if not caught early.
  • Bad-tasting water. Water may need to be tested and treated, or a water filtration system may be installed to ensure water is as clean and safe as it can be.
  • Smelly, dusty air. Humidification and filtration systems may need to be checked and cleaned or repaired.
  • High energy bills. Insulation may need attention. Problems in the attic, crawl space, garage or even windows or doors can cause uneven temperatures throughout the home and cause power bills to go through the roof.
  • Not enough hot water. It may be time to upgrade the water heater, or even go tankless. It's not too late to investigate the possibilities and make the change before the holidays, so homeowners don't have to worry about running out of hot water.
  • Winterizing. This might include checking furnace filters, running fans in reverse, giving the heating system a tune-up, or draining air conditioning and water lines. Failure to do so can cause damage when freezing temperatures arrive.

"Holidays are for family and togetherness, not worrying about home repairs," says Gilmore. "Make sure your home is the best it can be, so you can enjoy this special time."

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