New design allows folding doors to stack flat (video)

Folding window walls are becoming a popular upgrade to many homes, but the folded windows can interfere with furnishings and traffic flow.

To address the problem, NanaWall Systems introduced the industry-first FoldFlat® design, which allows glass wall panels to fold and then pivot all the way back to stack out of the way, parallel to the opening. Useful for patios, decks and balconies where space is a premium, the FoldFlat eliminates the issue of the panels sticking out into the outdoor space.

“Standard folding glass walls protrude onto the deck or patio because they can only stop halfway at 90 degrees,” said NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. "With NanaWall FoldFlat, we have invented a solution for builders and homeowners to gain back that living space by folding the panels a full 180 degrees, entirely against the wall.”

Available in both aluminum and wood-framed options, the NanaWall FoldFlat installations allow for expanded functional and aesthetic possibilities, virtually eliminating the barrier between spaces and allowing for full usage of available square footage. Just as any other NanaWall, the FoldFlat offers single-handed operation and moves smoothly with little effort.

NanaWall Systems, the industry leader in opening glass wall systems, produces tamper-resistant locks, as well as energy efficient design, to keep the cold outside while maintaining warmth inside. Each opening glass wall system has specialized seals and panel design to provide superior humidity and moisture control and extreme weather resistance for all climates and seasons.

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