New heat pump designed for harsh northern winters

New heat pump designed for harsh northern winters

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Air-source heat pumps have had a reputation for not being able to provide enough heat for cold weather climates.

But a new model from Nordic can handle long-term sub-zero temperatures. The Nordic ATW series is an air source heat pump that heats water for an in-floor heating system, or cools water for air conditioning. The Nordic ATW Series uses heat transfer from outdoor air to heat and cool homes. An outdoor unit is connected to an indoor unit via refrigerant lines and control wiring. This heat pump is available in sizes up to 5 nominal tons, for whole-home heating and cooling applications.

The outdoor portion of the Nordic ATW Series is specifically designed to combat harsh Canadian winters. The outdoor unit is oversized for more efficient cold climate heating, and is engineered to operate in minimum outdoor temperatures of -4°F (-20°C), with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 2.11 or higher. The intelligent defrost logic ensures complete defrost to prevent damage to the air coil from ice, and the outdoor unit is equipped with Nordic’s new ice channeling technology to prevent ice building up.

Unlike traditional air source heat pumps, the Nordic ATW Series has all electronics and major components housed indoors for protection from the weather and ease of service. The Ultratech two-stage scroll compressor is located in the indoor unit. This unique design enables better refrigerant and oil management. The compressor has double isolation and the cabinet of the indoor unit is acoustically insulated for quiet operation inside the home.

The Nordic ATW Series indoor unit also features an advanced electronic control board with a digital user interface, BACnet capability and onboard aquastat functionality.

The Nordic ATW Series provides heated water for in-floor radiant heating, chilled water for air conditioning via hydronic air handler and domestic hot water via desuperheater.

This is the air source equivalent of a boiler and central air conditioner, all in a single unit. The small size of this unit will make it easy to install in small spaces like attics and crawl spaces and offer an attractive solution for homes with limited indoor and outdoor space. This heat pump uses environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, and will feature a COPs up to 4.0 at an outdoor temperature of 47°F (8.3°C).

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