New high performance row homes feature reduced electromagnetic exposure

New high performance row homes feature reduced electromagnetic exposure

Photo courtesy of Isola Homes

A Seattle row home development features not only many high performance aspects but also reduced electromagnetic field exposure.

VIDA, Isola Homes' 15-unit development in Seattle's Central District, features an EMF Quiet Zone, in addition to being Built Green certified.

“While all of Isola Homes' projects are certified “Built Green”, this an opportunity to see, touch, and learn about Seattle's first large scale electromagnetic field (EMF) reduction project before the walls are sealed closed", said Dana Stream of Lifestream Solutions, the project's primary building biology consultant. "We'll show people the shielded wiring for the EMF-reduction 'Quiet Zone’, the fiberglass rebar in the foundation, non-toxic materials, and our community designed site plan."

For the uninitiated, building biology is a field of building science concerned with the relationship between an indoor living environment and the health of its occupants. Building biologists primarily focus on building materials and processes, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), radiation (EMR) and indoor air quality (IAQ).

The developer conducted a behind "the wall tour" October 4 to expose the deep green components as well as the building biology aspects of the construction.

High Performance Home Features

  • 4 Star Built Green
  • Blown-In Insulation
  • Low VOC paints
  • Mini-split heating/cooling
  • Tankless hot water heater
  • Green Label+ certified carpeting w/bromine free pad
  • Shielded wiring
  • WaterSense fixtures, including Niagara Conservation 0.8 gpf toilets
  • Energy Star appliances and energy-efficient lighting fixtures

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