New homes in England to be built with EV chargers

New homes in England to be built with EV chargers Loeffler

The rise in the use of electric vehicles is fueling the construction of new homes in England outfitted with electric vehicle chargers.

Under the government’s new strategy, officials hope to position the country to expand zero-emission road transport, reports Business Green.

The Road to Zero approach is expected to overhaul building regulations to require developers to install charge points on new houses, flats and office blocks. The plan also includes proposals for more new street lights across Britain to come with EV charging points, following successful installations of the technology in London last year.

Companies installing EV charge points will be eligible for financial support through the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund.

Hybrid and electric cars now make up 5.5 percent of total vehicle sales in the UK, though sales have spiked almost 25 percent so far this year.

The country’s transport secretary, Chris Grayling, says the Road to Zero plan gives Britain "one of the most comprehensive support packages for zero emission vehicles in the world."


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