New hybrid water heating systems combine tank and tankless systems

New hybrid water heating systems combine tank and tankless systems

Although tankless water heaters are becoming more popular for their energy efficiency, some homeowners also want a storage tank heater as well.

To fill this demand, Rinnai America Corporation launched the Hybrid tank-tankless water heater that combines the on-demand heating technology of a tankless water heater with an energy-efficient and durable 40-gallon storage tank. When coupled together, the technologies offer homeowners more than twice the water-heating capacity of a traditional 50-gallon tank.

By combining the two technologies Rinnai has created a high-capacity water heater that is quick and easy to install. The Hybrid water heater installs like a tank, requires a 1/2-inch gas line and is compatible with a 4-inch B-vent or common vent with furnace. The unit’s hot- and cold-water connections are the same as a traditional storage tank.

“We’ve married two technologies—tank and tankless—and developed an efficient and well designed water-heating solution backed by unmatched product quality homeowners and building professionals have come to expect from Rinnai,” said Joe Holliday, business development manager at Rinnai.

The Rinnai Hybrid Tank-Tankless Water Heater is an ideal solution for emergency replacement, or for customers looking to increase their hot-water supply without reconfiguring their current set up. Perfect also for light-commercial applications, the new 91,500 Btu Hybrid Water Heater produces more than 180 gallons of hot water in the first hour.

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