New Range Hoods Deliver Style and Indoor Air Quality

New Range Hoods Deliver Style and Indoor Air Quality

 Even if you can't pronounce it, or have never seen the shade before, you can design your kitchen to match it. BEST Range Hood's new Puddy Range Hood is a designer's dream: it is available in any of the 1,862 Pantone colors and shades, including Smaragdine and Falu.

Debuting at the 2018 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, BEST launched the Puddy Range Hood that offers both powerful capture and cutting-edge design.

The new Puddy Range Hood is a baroque style hood that transforms light and shadow, giving life to dynamic curves. Puddy's show-stopping design makes it 2018's most anticipated BEST hood. Puddy's color matching system means it can be matched to the color palette and design of any kitchen.

Also unveiling at the show is BEST Range Hood's revolutionary downdraft Cattura, available for the first time in black stainless steel.Cattura is the perfect choice for island cooktops because it doesn't block beautiful kitchen views. An integral, self-closing cap hides the lowered downdraft completely, leaving your counter unobstructed and clear.  The unique, patented VERTEX™ Complete Capture Design allows the Cattura downdraft to rival chimney range hoods at capturing emissions.

For the homeowner who prefers a true open concept kitchen and wants unobstructed views, the revolutionary new Slot and Spirit range hoods are options that remain hidden until turned on. Slot is revealed with a simple touch and unleashes powerful capture. Spirit is also touch activated and acts like a ghost, concealed inside a cabinet until its high-performance ventilation is needed.

"We are really excited to debut these revolutionary new designs at KBIS," said Brian Wellnitz, marketing manager, BEST kitchen ventilation. "Our range hoods offer homeowners the chance to truly personalize their kitchens, while never compromising what BEST Range Hoods is known for - powerful capture. This year, it's also about choice. In particular, the choice of color, to ensure your range hood perfectly matches your kitchen's color palette. We want every homeowner to achieve the sophisticated, unique look they want without ever having to compromise the kitchen air quality they have come to expect from BEST."

BEST also offers the iQ Blower System, which provides the quietest, best-performing range hood design available today. The iQ Blower is up to two times quieter than competitive blowers, making BEST range hoods the quietest in their class, at any speed. The iQ Blower System is also 30 percent faster than the competition at removing smoke and odors and is up to 22 times more energy efficient than other high-performance range hoods. The iQ Blower System allows homeowners to have a high-performance capture without the noise, all while saving energy and money on utility bills.

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