New Smart Home Water Treatment Systems Let You Monitor Water Quality Anywhere

New Smart Home Water Treatment Systems Let You Monitor Water Quality Anywhere

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Smart home gadgets have been revolutionizing the way we live, and now the first-ever smart home water treatment systems will revolutionize the way people drink water at home.

Released by EcoWater Systems, Inc., this new line of water refiner and water softener products will not only remove harsh chemicals from a water supply but also keep users continually informed as to the treatment system’s status and any alerts.

Dubbed HydroLink, EcoWater’s monitoring technology can connect via Wi-Fi, through two-way remote systems installed throughout the home. Wi-Fi connected systems enable homeowners to monitor their treatment devices and receive alerts through their smartphones as well as a secure online user portal. Capabilities include alerts for low salt, abnormal water use, flow monitors, service reminders and more. A built-in camera can also alert owners to flow obstruction so that they can act quickly to fix problems.

Since water treatment systems are often installed out-of-sight in garages, basements, crawl spaces and utility closets, this connectivity will prevent issues that can lead to contaminated water or pricey repairs. Owners of rental properties or vacation homes will particularly benefit from the remote system since they can keep tabs on it even from many miles away.

"We're so excited to be able to offer these new features to our customers,” said owner of Las Vegas EcoWater, Brian Trautman. “Never before has it been so convenient to monitor and maintain your water treatment system. It's a great feeling to know that when a customer gets a unit from us, they really are getting the newest, most advanced technology on the market today..”

The innovative HydroLink system features are available on EcoWater’s latest line of home water refiner and water softener products, which includes single-tank systems like the ECR3700 Series and dual-tank systems like the ECR3702 Series. In addition to remote HydroLink capability, the systems feature customer friendly features like coconut-shell derived carbon refining media and their Patented Digital Demand Module that captures data to predict future water use.

Water refiner systems are recommended by health experts for homes with municipal water sources since the systems can extract chemicals like chlorine that make water unpleasant for humans and possibly dangerous for small pets. Water softening systems remove minerals like calcium and trace metals like magnesium to make soaps more effective while reducing build-up in pipes, and appliances.

While other companies try to offer water refining or water softening capabilities, EcoWater is the first to do so with built-in cameras or smartphone connectivity.

“This new product line is a real game-changer for us,” explains EcoWater’s William White. “Our customers no longer have to open up their water softener to check if it needs maintenance. The built-in camera and smartphone technology allows them to monitor everything directly from the app. We're proud to be the only company out there able to offer this level of convenience to our customers.”

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