New solar roof tiles turn your home into a power plant

New solar roof tiles turn your home into a power plant

Photos via Hanergy.

Adding solar panels to a traditional roof usually means adding expensive racks and wiring. Now, integrated solar roof tile options make it easier to add solar panels while reducing installation complexity.

Hanergy, a Beijing-based energy company, unveiled its next-generation Hantile, an upgrade to the company's revolutionary roofing solution combining thin-film solar panels with traditional roof tiles.

Solar roof tiles have gained interest since Tesla announced its solar roof product in 2017.

A combination of solar energy and construction materials the new Hantile solution brings net-zero energy buildings a step closer to reality, turning buildings into zero-energy-consumption, green-energy producing power plants.

With solar tiles, homeowners are able to generate electricity for their own use and sell surplus energy to the grid, thus earning a return on their investment.

The Hantile features an attenuation rate no higher than 20 percent over 25 years, meaning that each tile will maintain a high proportion of its electricity-producing capacity over time.

From an environmental perspective, the use of the Hantile has the potential to abate vast quantities of carbon dioxide. For example, a house installed with 100 Hantiles can avert the use of 123 tons of coal.

Based on the design of a traditional Chinese roof tile, the next-generation Hantile is not only eco-friendly and economical, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. Because it uses only a single layer of glass as opposed to the previous double-glass model, Hantile's weight is only 5.2 kg with a thickness of 6.5mm, a full 1.2 mm thinner than the iPhone X. However, while it is incredibly thin, it maintains its high conversion efficiency.

Beneath its simple design, the next generation Hantile is truly a revolutionary roofing energy solution. Overall, it utilizes 364 patents with covering a wide range of innovative technologies.

Finally, the new Hantile is extremely user-friendly and facilitates easy installation. The C-shaped clip of the single-glass Hantile makes it easy to grip, and combined with its lightness, it guarantees a highly efficient installation. The next generation Hantile has also been equipped with a three-point fixing structure for maximum wind resistance. In fact, it has been rated to withstand a powerful typhoon with winds in excess of 120 mph.

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