New window film keeps comfort inside, regardless of the weather

New window film keeps comfort inside, regardless of the weather

Insulating a home or a building is not a new idea. There's all kinds of insulation, from Fiberglass batting, to insulation sprayed into the attic to the foam boards often used for insulation on homes and commercial buildings. These are all common solutions to help keep heat inside a building during winter months. These solutions work for the walls and roof of buildings, but what has been done about the windows? The windows can be up to 30 times less insulated than the roof and walls.

While windows often account for a small portion of the shell of a building, more than 30 percent of all the heating and cooling energy used in homes and buildings in the US is due to heat lost or gained through windows. Now there is a cost effective, year-round solution to upgrade existing windows.

The 3M Thinsulate Window Film Climate Control Series provides the traditional benefits of 3M Sun Control Window Film by rejecting heat and blocking harmful UV rays. But it also takes performance a step further to protect against heat loss during cold weather.

The film has a patented construction that helps reflect more interior heat back into the room, improving personal comfort by reducing cold drafts near windows, which can help save on energy costs. The high visible light transmission provides a neutral appearance that doesn't change the look of a home or building.

“Window films have been proving their worth in residential and commercial applications since 3M received the first sun control window film patent 50 years ago, and Thinsulate technology has been used to insulate our coats, gloves and blankets for nearly 50 years. Now, Thinsulate window film will be providing comfort, warmth and quality to the existing windows in our homes and buildings,” said Bill Pettit, global marketing manager, 3M Renewable Energy Division. “With the year-round savings that are made possible by our Thinsulate window film, the advantages in all climates becomes even more compelling.”

In fact, Thinsulate window film has been installed on the Minnesota Governor’s Residence. Because the residence is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a publicly owned building, maintaining the existing appearance, character and windows at the facility was a critical mandate as was reducing energy consumption.

3M Window Films help control the sun’s heat and UV rays, enabling cooler, more comfortable vehicles and creating energy savings for business, government and residential buildings. The window films also provide added safety and security, during events such as attempted break-ins and large-scale external forces.

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