Next generation devices deliver smart home solutions (video)

Next generation devices deliver smart home solutions (video)

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With millions of internet-connected home devices flying off the shelves, homeowners are taking control of their homes like never before.

From security and access solutions to HVAC controls, these smart devices are making homes safer, more convenient and more energy efficient.

At Lowe's stores the next generation of its Iris line of smart devices, reflects a partnership with CentraLite Systems, a provider of products that enable a connected world.  In fact, CentraLite supplies its smart home products to many of the most recognizable names in the connected home space.

Redesigned from the ground up, the new Iris line now works with more than 75 devices.  With a sleeker, smaller design and improved performance, the Smart Hub and seven of the core devices were designed and manufactured by CentraLite, including the Door Contact Sensor, Smart Plug, Motion Sensor, Help Pendant, Smart Button, Smart Fob and Smart Keypad. 

The Iris Smart Hub can also be purchased as a stand-alone option to complement simple, lower-priced Iris Starter Packs, making it even more affordable to attain a smart home and even easier to get started.  These Starter Packs include:

The Security Pack, which includes two Iris Contact sensors and a Motion Sensor to track movement and opened windows/doors, and a Smart Keypad with an audible siren.

The Home Automation Pack, an entry-level offering comprised of two Contact Sensors and a Motion Sensor to detect movement, and a Smart Plug and a Smart Button that offer remote control of other devices.

"CentraLite has been a great partner to us," said Mick Koster, vice president and general manager of Iris Home Systems. "We worked closely with their team to develop the next generation of Iris' core devices. We want to make home automation accessible to everyone, which is why we partner with innovative companies like CentraLite to offer the best possible technology and products."

Carrier, a leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, introduced the Carrier Cor smart home automation system, which enables homeowners to secure, control and remotely manage their home's most critical systems from the convenience of an intuitive mobile app.

The new Cor home automation system builds on Carrier's commitment to delivering the "heart" of a smarter home. It provides homeowners a single solution to easily connect their home's most important systems: heating and cooling, safety and security.

Once set up, users can manage connected devices, view live video of their home from connected cameras and remotely manage access from the system's app, anywhere in the world.

With Cor home automation system enabled devices, homeowners are able to unlock their home for a scheduled service technician, program their lights to turn on at dusk or set their thermostat to adjust before they arrive home. Through geolocation technology, users can also program tasks based on location – for instance, the system can be set up to disarm the home alarm system upon pulling into the driveway.

As flexible as it is smart, the Cor home automation system can connect and automate over 64 sensors, 250 Z-Wave enabled devices and 16 cameras in the home. It also offers the homeowner the choice to opt for self-home monitoring or upgrade to professional security monitoring.

"Last year Carrier demonstrated our commitment to delivering innovative products that enhance the lives of our customers with the Cor thermostat," said Matthew Pine, vice president, marketing, Carrier. "Now we're thrilled to be delivering the next generation in Carrier's smart home innovation. The Cor home automation system will allow homeowners to remotely connect to their homes, which may ultimately simplify their lives."

The Cor home automation system interfaces with innovative technology from three leading United Technologies brands:

  • Carrier, the innovator of modern air conditioning, boasts more than a century of HVAC experience.
  • Interlogix, a global leader in residential and commercial security.
  • Kidde, the world's largest manufacturer of fire safety products.

The product is targeted for sale in late April 2016 and will be professionally installed exclusively by Carrier's nationwide network of dealers.

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