No more bad air days with mobile air sniffer

No more bad air days with mobile air sniffer

Homeowners and building operators can test the quality of the air using a mobile-enabled air quality sniffer.

Blueair, a developer of mobile indoor air purifying technologies launched the world's first fully-working "air sniffing" sensor technologies that connect wirelessly with WiFi-enabled air purifiers and an air monitoring app to battle air pollution at home and work.

"Today's consumers want non-intrusive devices that work while they are cooking, watching television, reading a book, working out in the gym, sleeping or working," said Bengt Rittri, founder and CEO of Blueair.

Debuted at IFA Berlin 2015, Europe's top tech trade show, Blueair's latest air purification innovations seamlessly connect Blueair's new Sense+ air purifier, Aware air quality monitor and Blueair Friend air monitoring app for cell phones and other mobile devices, including Apple's watch.

By moving indoor air purification into the Cloud, Blueair's radical approach allows individuals to take charge of their wellbeing in their own spaces. The connected technology builds on customer feedback that 'user-friendly' nowadays means Cloud-based ease of use, technology and product enhancements.

Blueair's new technology centers around the Wi-Fi enabled Aware air quality sensor, which monitors indoor air quality 24/7 and sends data to both the remotely-sited Sense+ air purifier and the Blueair Friend app. Gathering data hourly from over 2,700 monitoring stations in 150 countries, the Blueair app rates city air on a scale of 0 to 500, from 'good' to 'hazardous'.

Blueair's Cloud technology allows people for the first time in human history to respond to previously invisible air threats. The Aware monitor detects levels of particulate matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Wi-Fi enabled Sense+ also offers a contemporary user experience. The user interface, controlled by a simple swipe of the hand over the Sense+'s tempered-glass surface, includes a Wi-Fi strength indicator and filter change indicator.

"The air we breathe can be pretty toxic because our world is filled with dust, pollen and chemicals. Now that Blueair has made the invisible 'visible', people can move through their day with a better understanding about their surrounding air quality, detect dangers, and do something about it," Rittri said.

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