Online course explains heat recovery ventilation for builders

Online course explains heat recovery ventilation for builders

As homes are becoming increasingly airtight, proper ventilation is critical for optimal indoor air quality.

To help inform building trade professionals on how to select home ventilation systems, Zehnder America, manufacturers of heat and energy recovery ventilation systems, now offers its American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA CES) and Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) Credit Learning Course "Heat Recovery Ventilation: Why Efficiency Matters" free online.

In the course, industry professionals learn about the role of an HRV/ERV in an energy-efficient building and how to choose an HRV/ERV for a project. With the rise in energy-efficient construction, some confusion has arisen on how to evaluate the most efficient HRV/ERV units for a tight and well insulated structure.

The presentation emphasizes the key elements for evaluating efficiency and effectiveness as well as some of the requirements for Passive House Institute (PHI) and Home Ventilation Institute (HVI) certification. The presentation explains how the combination of building tight and ventilating right provides optimal comfort and health for energy-efficient homes and its occupants.

As an important component of an energy-efficient and high-performance home, a high-efficiency heat recovery ventilation system can recover more than 90 percent of the room temperature and ensures fresh filtered air for the inhabitants year-round. As a result, even during a cold winter day, the incoming fresh filtered air is typically within 2-3 degrees from the inside room temperature.

Air-tight homes not properly ventilated are susceptible to poor indoor air quality as well as mildew and moisture damage. A constant supply of fresh filtered air in the indoor spaces in which we spend more than 70 percent of our time is important to our health and comfort. With a well-designed HRV/ERV system there is an assurance that equal amounts of stale and fresh air will be exchanged and optimal indoor air quality is achieved in the home.

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