Real wood look possible in energy-efficient fiberglass doors

Real wood look possible in energy-efficient fiberglass doors

Homeowners who compare the attributes of fiberglass versus wood entry doors are often surprised to learn that a realistic wood-like appearance is available in durable, tight-sealing fiberglass doors.

Fiberglass entry doors can create a visual impact on the look of a home by capturing the deep graining and authentic look of wood, while offering affordability, ease in maintenance and added energy efficiency.

Therma-Tru, a manufacturer of fiberglass doors, developed the AccuGrain door casting process that uses multiple dies to produce different graining types to cast the appearance of real wood into a fiberglass door option.

 “Our team starts by building a wood door using select pieces of the wood species that have the graining and wood characteristics we want to reproduce, for example oak or mahogany,” said Derek Fielding, senior product manager for Therma-Tru Corp. “Then we improve the original wood door using proprietary technology to enhance the natural graining depth on the wood before casting. 

 “With this graining technology the final product undergoes multiple castings. This process, called random length graining, combined with the multiple dies to produce different graining types, makes our fiberglass doors virtually indistinguishable from real wood doors.”

The resulting door comes with the authentic look of wood at a cost-effective price, plus with all the benefits of a fiberglass door. Whereas a real wood door can bow, warp, fade or twist over time, the Therma-Tru fiberglass doors resist splitting, cracking and rotting. They’re moisture- and dent-resistant and also resist scratching, deterioration and bowing. The low-maintenance fiberglass door is constructed for enhanced energy efficiency in the home and provides years of service. 

 “There’s more to our door surfaces than just an accurate woodgrain appearance,” says Fielding. “We’ve invested time and attention to add architecturally-correct details to the doors with deep embossments. The Classic-Craft line of doors can be painted or stained to provide homeowners with the entry that best matches the style of their home.”

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