Reflective technology designed to increase siding resilience


Ply Gem, a leading North American building products manufacturer, has unveiled new technology designed to boost siding performance.

SolarDefense reflective technology is available on select vinyl siding lines from Mastic by Ply Gem, according to a release.

SolarDefense provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays while increasing curb appeal. The vinyl protection technology is an advancement to the existing patent-pending formula that shields the darkest vinyl siding colors from the sun with advanced light-reflecting properties and a strong heat-resistant base layer. 

SolarDefense has a limited lifetime warranty against fading and distortion. 

The new siding technology uses a proprietary formula with three protective layers. The top layer is designed to resist color fading and oxidation, while allowing specific two-way light transmission. The second layer is designed to aid in reflecting and scattering specific light rays to keep the siding cooler when exposed to the sun. 

An improved core layer has been reformulated to withstand higher temperatures, helping safeguard against thermal distortion. 

Five new colors have also been added, increasing SolarDefense offerings to 10 hues in dark blue, brown, red and gray shades.

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