Remote control your water heater for energy savings

Remote control your water heater for energy savings

According to Energy Star, residential water heating represents the second largest consumption of energy in the home, right behind heating and cooling. So taking control of your water heater can pay off in lower energy bills.

Wireless thermostats are one new way that homeowners can take control of their energy use.

AQUA SMART, Inc. released two wireless thermostats for 220 V electric water heaters. The RES model is for residential installations and the TOU model was customized for utility companies to support Time of Use energy saving programs.

Both models mount on top of a residential electric hot water heater allowing the homeowner and/or the utility company to reduce energy consumption and the cost to operate a residential electric hot water heater.

"The AQUA SMART system is a retrofit device, easily installed by the homeowner, a plumber or an electrician, allowing the homeowner to remotely adjust the water temperature of the hot water heater up to 100 feet from the location of the water heater,” said Douglas Greene, CEO & Founder, Aqua Smart, Inc. “According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), power consumption with an electric hot water heater can account for up to 29 percent of a homeowner’s monthly electric bill. We think we can reduce that by half that cost; putting a lot of money back into the family budget.”

It can also be installed on new water heaters that do not have energy-saving features already installed. Installation typically takes less than one hour.

The AQUA SMART is controlled by a wireless, wall-mounted transmitter, which features an LCD screen displaying one of the 4 MODES which operate the water heater. Energy consumption, in kilowatt hours (kWh), are also displayed. The transmitter operates on one of 1,048,576 security codes programmed into each system and operates on two AAA batteries.

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