Residential energy storage system installed in California

Residential energy storage system installed in California

The race to bring residential storage for solar energy heats up as one storage system makers has installed its first system in a home.

JuiceBox Energy announced its first residential energy storage system is installed in a California home, with financing provided through the PACE program. The 8.6kWh lithium ion system was installed on an exterior wall with a 5.9 kW roof mounted solar PV array by Cobalt Power Systems based in Mountain View, CA. The customer is now able to shift excess solar from day to evening hours, minimize peak load drawn from the grid throughout the day and has clean, renewable back-up capability to power up to 5.5kW of continuous house loads.

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JuiceBox Energy's system will compete with systems from Telsa Motorsand RoseWater Energy Group, among others, that also have residential storage systems on the market.

The AC coupled installation was completed as planned, and the installers were excited to be on the cutting edge of new clean technology. They also notedthat the wall-mounted JuiceBox Energy system made site selection simple and the remote configuration capability significantly reduces programming time for the installer.

“This production model is the culmination of our vision to deliver high quality, automotive grade energy storage systems to the residential markets," said Neil Maguire, CEO of JuiceBox Energy. “It delivers on our commitment to build safe, reliable, intelligent energy storage and put the customer in charge of their power and energy needs.”

The JuiceBox Energy storage system delivers significant capabilities beyond traditional battery based backup solutions. It is integrated with a Schneider Electric XW+ inverter/charger and it may be configured in an AC or DC coupled configuration for both new and existing solar installations. The web connected system is adaptable to shifting energy markets and rate structures, so it will benefit the homeowner for many years to come.

Maguire announced the installation at the recent Bay Area California Solar Energy Industry Association (CALSEIA) meeting, and discussed the value proposition for adding energy storage to solar installations. While the cost of electricity varies significantly by utility and location, customers across the country are ready now to add advanced energy storage systems. JuiceBox and its installer partners are designing the system into homes in California and across the nation.

“The energy system of the future integrates batteries into the residential solar markets, and it's exciting to see this new JuiceBox Energy Storage System leading the way” said Brad Heavner, President of CALSEIA.

The JuiceBox system is available to certified installers at a price of $9900 for the 8.6kWh system that delivers 5.5kW of power, and it is eligible for the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). Customers are able to log in to the JuiceBox Energy Network for remote monitoring and select preferences for operation. The firmware is designed for integration into home energy management systems and demand response programs and it is anticipated that the initial systems will not require any additional hardware changes to participate in these programs.

JuiceBox is rapidly building out its Certified Installer Program and is hosting monthly training classes for solar installers that are interested in adding an advanced energy storage system to their current product lines, as well as learning about future JuiceBox systems that are in development.

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