Smart home battery system reaches US market

Smart home battery system reaches US market

Homeowners don't have to wait for Tesla's Powerwall for a smart battery system as sonnenBatterie units hit the market.

Through a nationwide network of more than 30 dealers, homeowners have access to sonnen's products starting in December 2015. The sonnenBatterie units for the US market are manufactured in San Jose, California.

"We have seen overwhelming interest in the sonnenBatterie," says Boris von Bormann, CEO of sonnen, Inc. "Accordingly, we have a very ambitious timetable for widespread introduction to the US market before year's end. With series production started, we can now quickly process the high number of existing orders and then gradually increase the manufacturing capacity for even higher volume."

The sonnenBatterie is a complete Plug-and-Play-storage system. Its smart functions and high level of integration set it apart from other energy storage devices. In addition to the battery modules, the inverter, control and measurement technology are also integrated, and optimally coordinated within the unit. Other features include numerous smart-home functions, and access via computer or smartphone.

Due to its lifespan of 10,000 charge cycles, the sonnenBatterie is well suited for daily loading and unloading – as is necessary for self-consumption of solar power. The balancing of various electricity tariffs and peak shaving for commercial users is another prominent benefit. The sonnenBatterie can also supply households with energy during power outages and brownouts.

The sonnenBatterie is one of the most successful storage systems in Europe, currently its biggest market, and close to 10,000 units have already been sold worldwide.

Thanks to its sophisticated technology and quality, the sonnenBatterie is also certified for the HERO Program, which helps customers in California with financing options.

In May 2015,  electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla announced it would sell the Powerwall Home Battery system that would allow consumers to store energy from home solar or wind systems and live off the grid if they desire.

The consumer level Powerwall system will provide 7kWh or 10 kWh of storage, and will allow users to store energy they produce with a solar array or other homepower generation system. A larger 100kWh battery is aimed at commercial users. The batteries will allow homes and businesses to use more renewable energy, avoid peak demand charges, and maintain operation in when the power goes out. Larger battery systems will be marketed to utilities.

Tesla founder Elon Musk said the home Powerwall will be available in six colors, weigh 220 pounds and can be mounted on a wall. It will come in two versions, a 10-kWh setup for $3,500, and a 7-kWh unit for $3,000, and a 10-year warranty. It's Internet connected and ready to communicate with a solar inverter.

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