Smart room air conditioners making summer cooling easy

Smart room air conditioners making summer cooling easy

Smart air conditioners allow homeowners to take advantage of utilities programs that give their customers incentives for enrolling.

Friedrich’s Kühl line of room air conditioners offers Wi-Fi connectivity that allows homeowners to remotely control their units via their computers and smart phones to set their comfort level from anywhere, anytime.

Kühl’s real genius lies in its brainy backend. Friedrich is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer an entire line of room air conditioners with smart grid connectivity using the ThinkEco smartAC platform.The smartAC platform makes it possible for utilities to connect, monitor and control Kühl units on the backend during times of high energy use and strain on the power grid. 

That’s important for consumers, as more utilities are offering smart air conditioning programs that give their customers incentives for enrolling. For example,Con Edison in New York is currently offering a programthat gives its customers rewards and points for participating. By enrolling a Friedrich Kühl Series Wi-Fi air conditioning unit in the Con Edison Smart AC program, customers can earn up to $65 in rewards and help save energy when the electric grid needs it most. Called “Cool Points,” rewards are redeemable for gift cards from participating retailers or a donation to charity. 

“With Kühl’s Wi-Fi capability, customers can easily control their unit from wherever they are. But they can also connect with and qualify for their utility’s smart air conditioning program where applicable,” said TJ Wheeler, Friedrich VP of Marketing and Product Management. “Best of all, they don’t have to hunt down a special unit that offers these capabilities; all of our Kühl products, from the smallest to the largest, have smart grid connectivity built right in.”

Quiet, precise and reliable, Kühl represents the next generation of room air conditioners and not only for its smarts. Lauded for its sleek style and fashionable color options that take the concept of room air conditioners to a whole new level, Kühl is the perfect solution for the design conscious homeowner. It’s also a powerhouse with a high energy efficiency IQ.

Friedrich’s largest Kühl unit is capable of producing up to 36,000 BTUs and ENERGY STAR qualified models are available in a variety of different sizes. The Kühl line has cooling-only models and models with heat (heat pump or electric heat) in a full range of capacities so they can operate as year-round central-like systems.

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