Solar-powered 'sponge' house connects with nature

Solar-powered 'sponge' house connects with nature

Photo courtesy of Son Vu via Inhabitat

The Country House, an environmentally conscious home that embraces indoor-outdoor living in Bien Hoa, Vietnam, is designed to celebrate nature. 

Completed by 1+1>2 Architects, the house stands out from its neighbors with its sloped thatch roofs, which reference Vietnam’s countryside vernacular and provide natural cooling, reports Inhabitat.

Built mainly of natural materials, the home wraps around a lushly landscaped courtyard and boasts energy-efficient systems ranging from solar cells to rainwater collection.

Hidden behind tall white walls and ringed by trees, the 440-square-meter Country House is a private oasis. The home is curved to wrap around a garden with a water feature. The architects placed the corridor on the side of the home closest to the garden and left parts of it open to the sun and wind, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living.

“The whole building structure considers human measurements,” the architects wrote, describing it as a “sponge structure.” “Based on traditional experiences, the interaction between the inside and the outside within spacious architecture plays an important role. The lamellar solar protection made out of wood and appears along the corridor, with the roof, it creates a curved surface.”

In addition to welcoming the outdoors in, the home also uses adobe for wall insulation and relies on solar rooftop panels for electricity. A 370-square-meter water tank collects rainwater reused for irrigation.


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