Spray foam insulation helps Canadian builders meet code requirements

Spray foam insulation helps Canadian builders meet code requirements

Canadian spray foam insulation manufacturer Icynene has unveiled Icynene Classic Plus designed to help meet the stringent Canadian building code requirements.

Complementing its excellent thermal resistance, Icynene Classic Plus’ superior formulation offers excellent adhesion on a broad range of substrates, temperatures and humidity conditions making it ideal for use in Canada. Moreover, the spray foam insulation’s formulation offers easier spray control to achieve a yield of up to 16,500 board feet as well as the opportunity to reduce waste and additional labor during application.

“As a higher density open-cell spray foam product with a high R-value, Icynene Classic Plus™ provides the opportunity to build code compliant assemblies confidently and efficiently,” said Howard Deck, Icynene President and CEO.

The 11.2kg/m3 (0.7lb/ft3) open-cell spray foam insulation product offers one of the best thermal resistance values in the market, at 0.72 (m2•K)/W at 25.4 mm or an R-Value of R4 per inch.

“Icynene continues to lead the evolution of the insulation segment by meeting the demands of the building industry and the challenges it faces as new requirements and regulations are implemented,” said Mr. Deck.

The CCMC Report for Icynene Classic Plus™, CCMC #13864-R, can be downloaded from the CCMC website http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/index.html or from the Icynene website http://www.icynene.com.

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