Stop energy vampires from bleeding your home's power (infographic)

Stop energy vampires from bleeding your home's power (infographic)

See that phone charger? Or the computer? Or that refrigerator? They're all guilty of being vampires.

No they're not blood suckers that are allergic to garlic. They're vampire power users.

Anything that uses power, even when it's supposedly turned off, is a vampire that consumes plug load energy.

It's amazing that up to 30% to 50% of a building's energy use can be attributed to something as small in size as a plug. Plug load energy consumption adds up across a facility - especially when appliances are not energy efficient.

Enlighted has developed this infographic to expose plug load issues in even some of the most sustainable buildings. See what you can do to stop the vampires at home and at work.

Topics: Appliances, Connected Homes / Smart Homes, Cost of Ownership, Energy Audits, Freezers, Lighting, Proud Green Building, Refrigerators

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