Systems built homes deliver faster building times and high performance

Systems built homes deliver faster building times and high performance

Alexandria model by Timber Block.

Traditional stick-built framing methods are being replaced by engineered building systems that deliver faster building times, tighter building envelopes and higher home owner satisfaction. Factory built, insulated panelized walls allow a home builder to frame a home in less than a day.

Quebec-based Timber Block’s patented panelized wall-building system features R-30 or R-36 walls, which allows for the home’s walls to be up in less than a day. The walls are finished inside a controlled factory environment and protected from the elements before the walls arrive to the building site.

After starting in in Quebec with several locations, Timber Block has expanded to reach the USA, Europe and Western Canada. Timber Block expansions will include a USA based factory, joint ventures with large-scale developers and a flagship sales office in Innisfil, Ontario, to deal with the ever-increasing requests that the company receives from across the globe

Timber Block’s patented process allows for a home to be built in potentially half the time and with superior quality. This technology was developed over a period of seven years and patented shortly thereafter.

Timber Block’s technology caught the eye of not only single family home owners, but international builders and developers, when they realized a home could be built with the beauty and feel of wood, but without any of the hassle typically associated with building with wood.

Timber Block President Mike Mathon says the success of the company came from the ability to deliver what the consumer asks for. “Building a home is a big decision for people, and so they certainly want it to be done right. They want the construction process to be completed quickly and efficiently, while never sacrificing the quality of their home.” Due to Timber Block’s efficient system building, the walls of a Timber Block home are assembled in hours, the home will be weather tight in days, and the home owner will be able to move in 60 days faster than other custom built homes.

Timber Block also realizes the importance of energy efficiency, and with its patented insulation procedure, every Timber Block home includes R-30 insulation in the walls – this greatly reduces the amount of the homeowner’s energy bill each month. Further, building with wood can be a concern, because wood will settle and check (crack). Timber Block’s wood is dried to an 8% moisture content, (furniture grade) eliminating the risk of settling and checking.

Further, people want to build their home the way they want to. “Almost 90% of our customers will customize their home. We are able to offer stock models, partial custom, and full custom – the home can be built from their dreams and ideas,” says Mathon.

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