The San Bernardino County Water Conference: Drought Sends Water Conservation into High D'MAND®

By Katrina Nelson

The classic way to get put upon a pedestal involves being hoisted upon unreal expectations and blind support… but then again, water conservation expert Larry Acker isn’t one for taking the “classic way’ and he’s not a fan of turning a blind eye, either.

ACT, Inc. wasn’t placed on the San Bernardino podium because it lives to embody unrealistically high standards—no, the company was invited to the pedestal because it knows how to tie higher standards of living to reality.  With over 45 years of energy and water conservation research under his belt, the CEO of ACT D’MAND Kontrols® System is often asked to share his business and knowledge with conferences and conventions all over the country, speaking to audiences as how they can modify their lifestyles to incorporate convenience into environmental consciousness.

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So why is this perspective coveted? Because beyond the decades of research that led to this reinvention of the average plumbing system, Acker’s business is nationally recognized as being unlike any other. Therefore, when ACT D’MAND Kontrols System took to the local stage of California State University San Bernardino in order to educate fellow Southern Californians on the universal benefits of his economic efficient product… people tuned in.

On August 21st Acker spoke on a panel that proposed solutions to the question: “How do we balance our development needs with our water needs?” at the 9th annual San Bernardino Water County Water Conference. With over fifty water agencies, officials from around fifteen California cities in attendance, and civic leaders meeting together under public concern with the drought, ACT, Inc. joined the conversation as a leading authority on Hot Water Distribution Systems. Acker used the SBC Water Conference as the unique opportunity it was—a chance to talk directly to California’s resource holders and educate them on how they can mutually benefit from environmental consciousness.

Numbers were dropped and put out in the open: if only 1,000 homes utilized a Structured Plumbing® System, over 7,300,000 gallons of water could be saved per year. And as the only system to have been tested and approved by the Department of Energy (and given a Certificate of Recognition through the Office of Building Technology State and Community Programs for the successful competition of a Company Business Plan under the Department’s 2001 Commercialized Assistance Program), Acker’s claims to make such a difference have serious substance.

Diagram for better understanding ACT’s easy retrofitting of a home’s standard plumbing

With that in mind, it seems ACT, Inc. couldn’t hop down from the pedestal if it tried; the message it stands upon attests too loudly (with the help of Acker’s voice, of course) to the building of a more promising future. But let’s be honest— the 10,000 gallons of water saved each year by just by installing one ACT D’MAND Kontrols System? That speaks for itself.

Katrina Nelson is Executive Promo Editor with ACT Inc. D'MAND KONTROLS® Systems.

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