Time of Use Rate Automated Scheduler Saves Money for Electric Water Heaters

Time of Use Rate Automated Scheduler Saves Money for Electric Water Heaters

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A new feature helps homeowners and small businesses on Time of Use (“TOU”) rate plans to save money by avoiding water heating when electricity is the most expensive.

Aquanta has added a Time of Use Scheduler feature to its retrofittable water heater controller. It is designed for homeowners and small businesses on utility Time of Use rates, automatically controlling their water heater to avoid heating during the most expensive price periods and save them money while assuring hot water availability.

Aquanta has pre-loaded 16 of the most popular TOU programs from across the country so that participating customers can easily select their program and begin saving money right away. The TOU Scheduler feature works on all Aquanta models, but is intended primarily for electric storage water heaters as they draw large amounts of electricity from the utilities.

“Water heaters are ideally suited for optimization to TOU rate programs, given their inherent storage capacity and heat timing flexibility,” asserted Matt Carlson, CEO of Aquanta Inc. “If you are a home or small business owner with an electric water heater on a TOU rate plan, the saving opportunity is tremendous.”

Savings examples based on data from actual Aquanta customers include: 

  • Typical users enrolled in Arizona Public Service’s Time Advantage rate program would save an estimated $66 a year;
  • Average customers in Hawaiian Electric’s Time of Use pilot can save $128 annually; and
  • Southern California Edison’s TOU-D Option A participants can save an estimated $151 a year.

“Time of Use, or Variable Pricing, plans are becoming increasingly widespread, including mandated participation in California for all homeowners and small businesses starting in 2019. Automated control of large energy consuming appliances, like the water heater, will be a key enabler to the success of these programs and Aquanta expects to play a significant role here,” stated Carlson.

The utility retail pricing landscape is very dynamic, so not all utility pricing programs and pilots are currently pre-loaded in Aquanta’s TOU feature. If not currently pre-loaded, users can create and add their own program to the Scheduler.

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