Tiny house concept offers lessons for new student housing

Tiny house concept offers lessons for new student housing

Photo by Standard Studio

As times change and building practices advance, student housing has graduated as well from traditional dorm standards of simply cramming beds, desks and people into tiny spaces.

A new complex converted from a former office building in the Netherlands uses the principles of tiny home living, a space-saving concept that continues to grow in popularity worldwide, to make conditions more inviting and enticing.   

The Hermes City Plaza in Rotterdam feature 218 200-square-feet units incorporated with various multi-functional and ultra-efficient features, according to Inhabitat.

The project, which opened earlier this year, was created to make housing available for first-year Erasmus University students who are new to the city. Amsterdam-based firm Standard Studio put together independently functioning units that rely on space efficiency, natural light and smart storage.

Each has an open layout with a full kitchen, bathroom and dining area.

The desire to provide space efficiency forced the designers to use a creative layout. Because of a lack of room, Standard Studio installed one large sink that straddles the kitchen and the bathroom. A half-partition that separates the two spaces doubles as a mirror for the bathroom and a chalkboard for the kitchen. 

The cabinetry was custom-built from renewable bamboo. And while the facilities try to capitalize on natural light, LED strips supplement what the sun cannot provide.

Standard Studio used the tall vertical space on each floor of the building to add a queen-sized loft bed that hangs down from the concrete ceiling. The loft is reached by stairs, which include built-in closets and shelving.

While the apartments are designed and intended for independent living, they do promote the community atmosphere of traditional college housing. Students will share a rooftop terrace, music room, TV rooms, a laundry area and a study area.



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