Tips to Help Your Home Be the Most Eco-Friendly on the Block

Tips to Help Your Home Be the Most Eco-Friendly on the Block

You can be a trendsetter in your neighborhood by using the exterior of your home and your outdoor living space as a showcase for eco-friendly design. Each time a neighbor compliments you on your landscape design, patio furniture or other exterior elements, you have an opportunity to encourage them to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. They can see that you don’t have to compromise on beauty or comfort to live in an environmentally friendly manner. You can also point out the money-saving benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Eco-friendly Landscape Design

Your landscape design is seen by all who pass by your home. The choices you make regarding lawn size and design can reflect your concern for the environment. A small lawn requires less mowing and is, therefore, a good choice for an eco-friendly landscape. You can plant trees and shrubs strategically so that they reduce your heating and cooling cost. You can be pro-active in water conservation by including planting beds or raised beds in your landscape design.

Buy Some Rain Barrels

You can reduce the amount of municipal water you use by purchasing one or more rain barrels. Rain barrels are available in a variety of sizes and prices. If the location of your rain barrel makes it a visible part of your landscape, you might want to select a design that complements your exterior décor and landscape theme. Rain barrels are one of those eco-friendly investments that can end up saving you a considerable amount of money on your household expenses.

Add Solar Panels to Your Home

Solar panels look impressive. However, it’s their money-saving, eco-friendly characteristics that make them attractive to homeowners wishing to reduce their energy cost. You’ll most likely need the services of a professional, like the many solar companies in Utah, when installing solar panels. When you add solar panels, you'll save money on your energy bill and you'll see a good return on your investment. Solar panels not only support an eco-friendly lifestyle, they can also increase the value of your home.

Choose Eco-friendly Outdoor Furniture

You can put your environmental concerns on display for neighbors and guests by choosing eco-friendly furniture for your outdoor living and entertainment area. Teak is a durable, weather resistant option for outdoor furniture. Aluminum patio furniture is also an environmentally friendly option. Aluminum is a sustainable metal. That means it can be recycled repeatedly. Furniture made from recycled plastic is also a good option for your outdoor living space. You can easily find eco-friendly, weather-resistant cushions for your outdoor furniture and outdoor rugs made of a natural material to include in your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Lighting

Solar lights continue to gain popularity as an eco-friendly way of illuminating outdoor areas. There are so many diverse lighting styles available that you should easily find lighting that corresponds with the style of home you have and the landscape design and outdoor living decor you’ve chosen. Once again, you can demonstrate to neighbors how attractive, efficient and effective solar lights can be. You can use them to illuminate a walkway and guide you and visitors to your home to your front door. Incorporating solar lights into your garden design enhances the beauty of the garden. There’s an element of romance in a moderately illuminated garden. You can install motion sensor solar lights in areas such as beside of or over the garage door, at your front steps or near any area where you want to make an exterior space safer.

Designing your landscape with water and energy conservation as a priority will make your home a supportive showcase for eco-friendly living. It can serve as an inspiration to the neighbors.

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