Top 5 ways you can reduce winter heating costs

Many homeowners across the country are already experiencing cold to freezing temperatures. This is the perfect time for consumers to evaluate their heating costs and determine where they can save money while staying warm and cozy. 

Here are’s top 5 ways for consumers to reduce their heating costs:

Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Start by evaluating your current thermostat. If it is not programmable, you should definitely consider purchasing one that is. The advantage of using a programmable thermostat is that the consumer can preset the entire week’s temperature settings between morning, noon, and night. This helps the consumer control the temperature of their home without having to adjust it numerous times, especially during the winter time when temperatures are fluctuating throughout the day and night. The consumer has the option of saving energy during the day while automatically reverting back to a comfortable temperature later that night. The best part of a programmable thermostat is not having to adjust it after you have it programmed for the week, month, or even the entire season.

Water Heater Temperature

Water heaters are essential for consumers to make it comfortably through the freezing winter temperatures. Water heaters are generally set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit directly from the factory. In most cases, consumers can live comfortably with using 115-120 degree water. Maintaining a lower setting will dramatically cut down on the consumer’s water heating costs.

Taking Advantage of the Sun

Consumers should take advantage of the warmth the sun provides even during the winter months. Before leaving their home, they should determine which windows are facing the afternoon sun. Consumers should open all blinds and curtains so these windows can let as much sun in during the day as possible. This will help to warm up these rooms, their heater won’t have to work as hard during the day.

Inspect Weather Stripping on Doors and Windows

A commonly untouched part of a house consumers take for granted is the weather stripping surrounding their doors and windows. Air may be constantly seeping through without the consumer knowing. This is majorly inefficient, especially in terms of saving energy in the winter time.

Inspect all doors and windows for weather stripping that is cracked, loose, or damaged. New weather stripping can be purchased at the local hardware store. Consumers should consult an expert at the store to determine what the correct type of weather stripping is for their home. Then all they would need to do is remove and replace the old weather stripping and then check again for cold air seeping through.

Invest in an Energy Audit

An energy audit is a service where the energy efficiency of a house is evaluated by professionals using equipment that examines the home and then determines the best ways to improve the heating and cooling of the house. Equipment such as an infrared camera is pointed at the house to determine where cold and warm air is escaping or seeping in.

The air conditioner, heater, ventilation, and thermostat are usually evaluated to make sure they are functioning properly at an optimal level. After the audit is finished, consumers should consider repairing any major issue listed on the inspectors report. Consumers will then see the reduction in heating costs going forward.

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